“Good Morning, Sunshine” Banana Muffins

I believe muffins are the best breakfast meal ever! Well, wait, after pancakes! But, muffins are pretty darn good. My two favorite muffins have always been banana and blueberry. I love the sweetness of blueberries and the tangy tastes of the sweet bananas. They are perfect for a busy schedule, but also great for a sit down at the table, while everyone still is waking up, rocking the p.j’s. Now,... read more

Salty & Sweet Pecan Cookies

I have never heard of a pecan cookie. I have always heard of just pecan pies and eating the pecans by themselves. Growing up, pecans where a big snack choice in my family. I remember my mother breaking the shell and placing the pecans in ziplock bags and later snacking on them or giving them away, or even using them for pecan pies. At first, I didn’t like how they tasted, but the older I got, the... read more

Bourbon Pecan Pie

I love when the holidays come around. I love to see family, catch up, and cook everything. During the holidays, I feel like our childhood comes back and we all are just little children for a little while. You rush to the stores to get the perfect presents for your spouse and children, you cook all of the high calorie meals you love (which is a must! we just run it off or wait until January to really care,... read more

Say What?! :) Home Made Shampoo & Conditioner

The title says it all. Can you believe it? Home made shampoo and conditioner? Yes, believe it. I have been actually trying to find more natural ways to clean my hair, because store bought hair products have not been cutting it for me. I have been going all natural in my baking, and making my cleaning supplies (articles will soon follow) but, I haven’t tried shampoo and conditioner. I started... read more

Chocolate Chip Cookies – Best Ever!

I don’t know what it is about Chocolate Chip cookies, but something about them just makes them special. The cookie dough is always good raw, (yes, I eat raw cookie dough. ), & the taste of a “warm right out of the oven” chocolate chip with milk, oh my gosh. I have died and went to Heaven and then came back. Ha. I believe since the beginning, Chocolate Chip Cookies have always been... read more

Perfect Pancakes & Maple Syrup from Scratch

Honestly, one of my favorite meals of all time is, PANCAKES. I believe you can have pancakes at any time of day, you can enjoy pancakes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Honestly, I think it’s best as dinner. My mother used to make it for us for dinner and sometimes she would even make the pancakes into little animals (the famous turtle). Years ago, when I started on the path of getting away from... read more

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