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Swiss Rolls from Scratch!

Now, Swiss Rolls, hands down, are the best junk food ever. Well, wait, I take that back…. They are the SECOND best. (Cupcakes are #1 😉 ) I don’t eat them anymore, because of the processed foods, but I loved them as a child. My mother would buy them for all of us, while my brother enjoyed the oatmeal pies. I still remember my mother and I having them for breakfast, because we loved them so... read more

“Full of Love” Gingerbread

My man loves his grandmother’s gingerbread. When we first moved into the house together (and I couldn’t cook to save my life), his grandmother would send us home with tons of gingerbread. It would be our breakfast, lunch, snack, and if we wanted, dinner. It was full of hard work, love, and detail. ♄ You could taste all the flavors and it also had a clean finish. I never knew gingerbread... read more

Thank you, Granny

Growing up, I ate a lot of processed food & fast food. It was simple. My parents separated when  I was a four and we never really got home cooked meals every day. I don’t have any hatred towards the way I was raised, but it’s not what I wanted for my future family. I loved when my father made his home made burgers and french fries, or his camp stew. But, for the most part we would have... read more