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So, I am Lactose Intolerant

As long as I can remember, I had always had dairy, in my life. I would have milk in my cereal or breakfast, cheese on my sandwiches, and butter on my toast. If I wasn’t putting it with or on top of something, I was baking it or mixing with whatever I made. I never thought much about it. I mean, isn’t that what dairy was for? But, for years, I would get cramps, bloating, or just feel awful, many... read more

Say What?! :) Home Made Shampoo & Conditioner

The title says it all. Can you believe it? Home made shampoo and conditioner? Yes, believe it. I have been actually trying to find more natural ways to clean my hair, because store bought hair products have not been cutting it for me. I have been going all natural in my baking, and making my cleaning supplies (articles will soon follow) but, I haven’t tried shampoo and conditioner. I started... read more

Rise & Shine Blueberry Muffins

Sometimes, nothing beats a good old blueberry muffin. The smell as it cooks in the oven just teases your taste bugs, and the view of the butter melting on top just brings tears to the eyes. …… …waiting fore the blueberry muffin….. ……(stomach growls)……. …Oh, yea before we can eat one we have to bake them first. (runs to the kitchen & grabs all the... read more

First Steps Into Getting Away From Processed Food

In every grocery store, you are shown hundreds, if not thousands, of products that are processed. It’s hard to find anything not process and simple. You pick up a cereal box and in the ingredients you see more than about forty ingredients. Do you think your body can process all of those chemicals and additives  Is it even healthy to digest? The answer is no. Your body is just as confused as you... read more

Tis the Season for Frizzy Hair!

Spring and summer should be known as our hair’s crazy ex boyfriend. The weather is great but man when you get that humidity omg! My hair turns into a beast! Now, it is our time to tame this wild beast before it returns! As a child, I had the unwanted frizzy hair and the fro. Yes this girl sadly couldn’t rock a fro. I wanted to have the pretty hair and tame hair but I never knew the... read more

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