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Say What?! :) Home Made Shampoo & Conditioner

The title says it all. Can you believe it? Home made shampoo and conditioner? Yes, believe it. I have been actually trying to find more natural ways to clean my hair, because store bought hair products have not been cutting it for me. I have been going all natural in my baking, and making my cleaning supplies (articles will soon follow) but, I haven’t tried shampoo and conditioner. I started... read more

Makeup Challenge

The Challenge: A New Make Up Look Every Weekend For A Month The Challengers: Makeup & Mirisa   I have always wanted to push myself and become better at make up, so for the ending month of March and beginning of April, I will do just that. Today was my first day and I loved it. I researched some youtube videos and fell in love with “makeupbyeman”. First of all, I love her new haircut! I... read more

Oh, How I Love My Heels.

Ok, first thing first. I have never worn heels in my whole life! Well, wait, let me take that back. I did wear heels…once in awhile for major events but let’s just say I took em off after I would get comfortable at the location. So, those don’t count. Now, back to what I was saying. I have never worn heels. I have always been jealous of the girls that could walk in heels like it was a... read more