About Me :)

Welcome to the site! :)

First off, get comfortable! MMM-Living is all about enjoying life and the many stories it brings.  I believe everything that happens, happens for a reason. Every event in life (good & bad) makes life your own story. Now, let us get our life stories started!

I am really am someone that can relate to many groups of people. I laugh to loud, enjoy a Disney movies (because it makes me feel like a kid), enjoy making art & love with my food ( ♥ to provide something for the people I love), sleep in on a rainy day because I love how rain makes me feel lazy, and dream about the future and make it happen.

Life really changed for me two years ago.  My whole life I have been trying to find myself and grow into the woman I always wanted to be. But, self doubt and things in my life always held me back. I just had enough of settling with life and decided to change. No one is going to make you yourself. No one can live your life for you. So, I decided, first, to lose weight. I have always been heavy. Even as a child, I was in the big girl clothes. I never was at a healthy weight and looked at food as a way out. Food was my friend. But, being my friend, it held me back and made me bigger and hard to enjoy things that girls, teenagers, and just adults got to enjoy. I had enough. I wanted to be a active mom, a skinny bride, and an active girlfriend and hunt with my boyfriend! I was tired of always being the one that held myself and everyone I cared about back.

I also had been having health issues and wanted to experience life healthy. What was healthy anyway? I hit the healthy lifestyle hard! I first told my boyfriend, who is my soulmate and best friend, and he supported me and stood by my side. I started working out on the Wii Fit, walked four miles, and counted calories. I worked out five times a week and cut many things out of my life. I never was so serious about anything in my life. I wasn’t going to quit on myself. I had to face a lot of things that I held from myself and I really got to find out who I am. Losing weight isn’t just physical. I had to grow as a person. As the weight fell off, and the confidence  started to grow… I really got to meet myself. I was no longer the girl that couldn’t wear junior clothes, I was the girl that got to wear a size four and love my curves. I never have forgotten where I came from and am always wanting to help others find this happiness that I have found. I want to share it! The world needs to see it! If you find something that changes you for the better, help people find it too! Spread the happiness.

By losing weight, I got to learn about things that I am passionate about. I never really cooked before I lost weight. I was more into the *EASY* already made food. I never thought I could cook from scratch and not buy processed food. I was always jealous of home cooked foods and would dream while watching Food Network wondering if I could ever be there.  But, with my boyfriend pushing me to become myself, I really pushed myself. I started learning more about food and different cultures. What makes that dish so sinfully good? Why do they let yeast sit in warm water and not cold water? Does the oven tempature really effect the food? What is so different about these salts? Is Skim Milk really better for you?

I really looked at nutrition and food as a small child willing to learn. I started looking into what where really in those processed foods, what additives really were. Oh wow, did I learn about processed foods. Did you know that your body can’t process certain additives? Your body will look at some processed foods and panic. Instead of burning it or using it to help the body it actually stores it as fat because it can’t break it down? Also, sometimes it even makes you sick or causes illnesses. I’m not for that. I started to actually looking into not eating processed food at all. I wanted to go all natural. I loved how my body was becoming a woman and how hard I had worked. I wanted to actually love my body and take care of it.

At first I was like, well heck let me just make pizza but then it lead to so many other things. I started making breads, pastries, and everything in-between. I had to really push myself and man was it hard. Yes, I had some crazy stories and some failures but I wouldn’t change it. Oh and there was some meltdowns.  But, thank goodness my baby helped me through it and ate the meltdown meals. He now won’t leave the kitchen when I cook. Yes, it’s cute but man, STOP TAKING ALL THE COOKIES. Just kidding. 😉

I have been a nanny, worked in retail, worked as a medical assistant, and now I am a leasing agent.

I always want to help others. I want everyone to really see the beauty and life and know you can become the person you always wanted to be. It will be hard but it will all be worth it. Life is a journey and it’s OK to be always learning. I want to provide a place for people to find something or someone to relate to, to enjoy life, and maybe even learn more about yourself. You have to just have fun and that is what I’m all about.  I will be blogging and posting about life, kids, health, foods, and everything in-between.

Now let’s get this started! Let’s learn more about this beautiful life and the world around us. :)

Thanks again for stopping by.