Makeup Challenge

The Challenge: A New Make Up Look Every Weekend For A Month The Challengers: Makeup & Mirisa   I have always wanted to push myself and become better at make up, so for the ending month of March and beginning of April, I will do just that. Today was my first day and I loved it. I researched some youtube videos and fell in love with “makeupbyeman”. First of all, I love her new haircut! I... read more

I Survived Frying Chicken!

The title tells it all. I truly love frying food. For so long, I thought  I couldn’t do it. I honestly was scared I’d fail. Frying food made me more nervous than making bread from scratch. I don’t know if it was the grease that got me or just thinking I sure would burn all the food. I don’t know. I just knew frying wasn’t going to be fun for me. So, I pushed myself in other... read more

Oh, How I Love My Heels.

Ok, first thing first. I have never worn heels in my whole life! Well, wait, let me take that back. I did wear heels…once in awhile for major events but let’s just say I took em off after I would get comfortable at the location. So, those don’t count. Now, back to what I was saying. I have never worn heels. I have always been jealous of the girls that could walk in heels like it was a... read more

Tis the Season for Frizzy Hair!

Spring and summer should be known as our hair’s crazy ex boyfriend. The weather is great but man when you get that humidity omg! My hair turns into a beast! Now, it is our time to tame this wild beast before it returns! As a child, I had the unwanted frizzy hair and the fro. Yes this girl sadly couldn’t rock a fro. I wanted to have the pretty hair and tame hair but I never knew the... read more